The Best Rib Eye Steak – Delicious Red Wine (Reduction) Butter Sauce

It’s valentines day and guess what, we couldn’t find anyone to babysit our kids ūüôĀ

My parents are still overseas and my in laws…well, they’ve been bombing our whatsapp¬†group chat since 4am this morning, sending us a new photo literally every hour, showing off their so called “beautiful sunrise” and sceneries from the balcony of their New Zealand cruise trip.

And expecting a comment back for each one too!!

I mean come on, we’re NOT that old to crave….scenery!

Plus,¬†I’m running out of words to text back.

Trust me, I’ve already used:

  • Wow!
  • Spectacular!
  • That’s a beautiful shot!
  • OMG!
  • Wish I was there…
  • Did you just see God?

You get the point and if I receive just one more photo, I swear…

I’ll send them this:

Don't fall

Then turn off my whatsapp notification and get on with my life.

So yes,¬†we’re gonna be stuck at home tonight to¬†celebrate our valentine’s day…with the kids. What could have been a wonderful romantic evening is turning out to be just another family night.

Sound like I’m¬†complaining huh? (I am…actually!).

Plus, I don’t really feel like cooking today so I just thought about doing something simple and suits the occasion. Maybe a beef steak with red wine reduction sauce is nice.

Now before I go ahead, I just wanted to say that I don’t have much time to write this post today. I’ve already got the flowers, red wine and a little gift (woman, right?), but I still haven’t got the steak yet.

Yes, I like to buy my meats as fresh as possible and I think it’s time for me to pay my butcher a visit.

So I’ll just stop here, get out and do some quick shopping with my family. Then I’ll be back to finish off this post in real time (well…sort of).

Now don’t worry, I already thought out the recipe so this shouldn’t take long.

Ok ok…i’m back.

Dammit! That guy reminds me of my father-in-law. What a true….gentleman!¬†ūüė°

Anyway, so I just came back from my butcher and bought a kilo of rib eye steak. Now in case you don’t know much about meat or beef, the rib eye is one of the most delicious cut in the world, bar none!

You don’t have to take my word for it, just try it for yourself when you have a chance.

A simple salt and pepper sear is already enough to bring out the flavor¬†of this beautiful meat. And If you decide to add in a red wine sauce or jus for the steak, like what I’m about to show you.

Oh man, I think you’ll want to kiss me!

And a beef steak is never complete unless you compliment it with some side veggies. Since potato mash is getting a little boring, so I think I’ll just add in a few sauteed potatoes and asparagus instead. Combine those with my red wine glaze and¬†that should be enough to make the whole dish¬†lovely and elegant. Perfect for valentine’s day!

Okay, let’s not waste time and get to work shall we?

So that’s it for this rib eye steak recipe.

Trust me, it’s a beautiful plate to put out for your partner on valentine’s day dinner.

And one of the benefits of cooking a steak is that there are so many sauce¬†and gravy combinations you can use. You don’t necessarily have to do a red wine butter sauce like I did (or a red wine jus as some likes to call it).

Just use your creativity or¬†think about¬†some of the mouth watering sauces that you’ve tasted in some steak houses or restaurants. I’ve actually done a blue cheese cream sauce before with a sirloin steak,¬†all thanks to a French restaurant that we’ve been to.

In this case, I only did it because.

  1. It was easy to make.
  2. It looked exquisite.
  3. It really does taste good.
  4. Most importantly, it wasn’t for kids!

(Yes, I lied and said¬†it had alcohol…but was I really lying?)

So what did I feed my kids?

You’re probably gonna hate me for saying it, but I bought them a McDonalds meal each, along with a 20 pack mcnuggets to share. Not only that, I gave them a leave pass to eat maccas in their own room while watching their favorite animations.

It’s valentine’s day after all, so we want to be left alone…