Easy & Healthy Parsley Fried Rice With A Touch Of Lime

The other day, I noticed a container sitting at the bottom level of my fridge. It was tucked at the very back end, one that I haven’t touched for a while.

So I went ahead and pulled it out to see what was inside, only to find a bunch of parsley leaves which I have sadly neglected. If remembered correctly, they must have been stored in that very same spot for at least 2 weeks.

Not very surprised, some of the leaves had already been oxidized (turned yellow). But after discarding the bad ones, I noticed that majority of them were still very fresh, green and fragrant.

All thanks to my simple storage technique haha!

Ok sorry, so anyways I was starving that day and didn’t have much in the fridge (The same reason why i searched the bottom compartment in the first place). All my meats were in the freezer and there was NO WAY i could of waited for them to defrost.

There was one egg left…

But I had no bread, no bacon…

And no snacks!

I ran out of pastas, potatoes, instant noodles or anything that could have filled me up within 15 mins. I needed to eat something FAST! My stomach was growling and my hands were shaking (serious signs of hunger).

Sure I could of went out and bought myself some maccas, but it was 40 degrees outside that day (stupid Australia weather!!!).

I honestly didn’t think I could make it to the car. No really, i don’t have a garage so my car has been under the sun forever. Going into that oven would have been a suicide. I could have been cooked alive because it was that bloody HOT!

Without much options, I thought about just boiling the egg and at least that could of given me some extra minutes.

I wasn’t gonna die without trying though and then something clicked…

I recalled having some left over rice from last night!

So i quickly ran to my rice cooker and the moment I opened it, there it was.

My beautiful jasmine…

Princess Jasmine

No princess!

I meant my gorgeous WHITE jasmine rice! (No racism intended)

Yes, i love white jasmine rice. I can’t stand the brown ones, even though I’ve heard that brown rice have better nutrition values. I just don’t like the taste.

So anyway, before I get myself into anymore trouble.

Here’s what I came up with…

I initially wanted to use lemon for this recipe, but i also ran out of lemon that day. Yes, I’ve been really busy (and lazy) so I haven’t done much shopping for a while.

Luckily, i still had half of a lime left in the refrigerator and somehow, the fried rice turned out absolutely fantastic.

Really, it felt like I was eating a delicate dish from a high quality restaurant.

So thanks to my laziness, I’m able to share with you this wonderful, quick and delicious recipe featuring the very healthy parsley fried rice with lime.

The combination worked so well together, in a way I never expected.

Or perhaps I was just too hungry hehe…

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did

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Yes, parsley is an amazing herb that goes with any types of cuisines, not just pastas!

And I have proven it here that you can easily incorporate it into Chinese food also. Though I would really like to try out more Asian dishes using this western ingredient, so stay tune…