Easy Cheese Garlic Pizza Bread – Homemade Garlic Butter Sauce!

Who doesn’t like a garlic pizza?

Sure, unless you are allergic to garlic!! (Is that even a thing??)

Today, I’m going to share with you a really quick and easy recipe to make your own homemade garlic and cheese pizza with a just few simple ingredients.

Forget about takeaways or deliveries, you lazy rich bums!

You just never know what they put into their dough, their sauce and not to mention all the extra FAT that you have no control of.

By making your own garlic pizza bread at home, at least you’ll have total control so you can adjust the ingredients to your liking and it’ll just be that much healthier.

Hey! Every little bit helps, right?

Pizzas are no doubt great for lunch and lazy dinners, as well as those Saturday nights where you don’t feel like going out, nor cook a proper meal, but just want to lay back on your couch, with your loved ones….and watch some netflix.

Why not?

By the way, I’ve been going on a netflix binge lately too.

And it’s been pretty addictive…I tell you.

But I get a weird empty feeling every time an episode ends.

It’s true!

Netflix and pizza are perfect companions!

Source – Netflix and Pizza are the perfect companions and you will be eating one before the episode finished, serious!

Lately, I feel like I’ve been wasting so much time watching “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on netflix. I don’t even know why I watch that crap, but I guess you only get to see what your wife and kids wants, right?

Like seriously, as if my life isn’t unfortunate enough already.

I mean sure, I’ve only scratched my car onto the letterbox the other day as I reversed out of the driveway. And I think it’s gonna cost me at least $500 to fix, to repaint and everything.

But hey I’m not complaining….

…..not before my wife finds out anyway…

…………come on, you think I’m not stupid!

Anyway, so I guess watching these kind of shows would at least make me feel a “little” better about my own life, escaping the modern city life, the computers, the internet, the traffic jam, the fast cars….ARHHH!!

To be honest, it’s a pretty wicked series exploring a little fantasy world in a weird, dark, kind of way. It’s better than the movie I’d say, but then….I only watched that because of Jim Carrey…..and the kids, and the popcorns too of course, although I would have loved a pizza if they actually had them at the cinemas.

Exactly, why don’t they sell it in the theatres?


Imagine if they do a promotion deal or something, like a FREE slice of pizza with every purchased ticket! How awesome would that be? Seriously…the place will be packed!

That’s a business idea for ya!

So if you’ve been planning to binge watch some netflix like we have (just don’t watch A series of Unfortunate Events, it’s NOT worth it), then I’d suggest getting yourself some snacks or food that’s really naughty and possibly guilty to munch on. Perhaps something garlicky, maybe a little cheesy as well, but it has to be yummy!

Like say…..a FRESH garlic pizza straight out of the hot oven?


Just pump up the oven and roll out the dough (It’s fast and simple!). Then slap on the garlic butter sauce using my recipe below. You don’t even need to preheat your pizza stone, even if you have a good one like mine.

It’s too bloody heavy, so I don’t bothered…..NOT on a binge night anyway!

Instead, I’ll just show you how to make a pizza that’s just as good and tasty, using a normal pizza pan. Yes…It’s too easy!

Trust me, it took me a while to get it right (I told you I’ve been watching a lot of boring netflix lately), but seriously….you’ll be enjoying a delicious crusty cheese garlic pizza bread in no time!

Just follow my recipe below

Remember, you only have 15 seconds to decide before the next episode begins.

May the wise get to EAT pizza!

So there you have it!

Seriously, how can anyone resist this easy garlic pizza bread recipe?

Those hot melted cheese surrounded by beautiful tasty crusts, with crispy pizza base supporting layers of soft and fluffy pizza bread that’s infused with the best garlic sauce that you’ve made from scratch!

You will taste the difference…because it really does taste that good!

Oh la la!

My mouth is watering just from writing this.

So I’ll stop here and let you do your thing.

I shall go and watch some more netflix with my family…..and make pizza!

Enjoy 🙂