Aromatic Spice Roast Lamb Leg With Mixed Vegetables

Did I tell you I absolutely love lamb?

No really…lamb and beef are two of my favorite meat in this world.

Although I do enjoy eating chicken too and pork, and venison every once in a while. Okay I’m just a freakin meat eater and I’m NOT ashame to admit it!

Why should I?

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that if you really want to enjoy meat to it’s full potential, then you’ve got to know what you’re doing to bring out the best flavors.

Like Gordon Ramsay once said, it’s all about respecting the food…

….plus a touch of olive oil!

(Sorry…just couldn’t help myself)

But say a lamb leg for example.

Even though it’s not the most expensive cut in the word. In fact, it is quite cheap compare to other parts of the sheep. But once a lamb leg is overcooked, it can be quite tough to eat and I don’t care how you cook it or what you marinade it with.

That’s why I prefer to roast it if I ever buy a whole chunk. A roasted lamb leg with a mix of spices, rosemary, garlic, giving it an aromatic fragrance while not overpowering it’s natural flavours. And when it’s cooked to perfection, the tenderness of the meat, the juicy and succulent pink flesh OMG!

I’m honestly drooling just think about it….again.

Oh yes, I’ve already tasted it the other day and the result turned out exactly how I just described it too….I’m telling ya.

Here’s my recipe if you want to try it out yourself:

So how did you like my recipe?

And did you notice anything different with this than some of my other ones?

Well…I certainly hope so because I spent some extra time taking photos on the different steps which I thought will make the process much clearer for you guys.

It actually looks quite nice and clear if you asked me. I guess when they said a picture is worth a thousand words…well, it’s true in this scenario.

But if you didn’t notice it, then I guess I’m not gonna do it again…simple!

Now for those of you who loves lamb like I do, i strongly believe that you’ll know how this dish will taste from just looking at the recipe. The cumin seeds along with the rosemary, they are the perfect match with lamb. The fact that I added other spices and the fennel seeds really took it to another level.

Absolutely delicious I tell you….so you really owe it to yourself not to give this tasty combination a go.

And for those of you who don’t eat lamb often, this is truly a dish that you’ll want to get your tongue on. Trust me…and it was actually very quick and easy to make. The only part that you may find a little weird is to stick a knife into the flesh and make those holes.

This is a much needed step to ensure the meat inside gets the full flavors from the rosemary and garlic. What I did was just stick the knife in, twist it a few time to ensure the stuffing will stay inside. The rest is pretty self self explanatory.

So what are you waiting for?

If you want good food my friend, then it’s time to get your hands dirty!

Until next time…