Welcome to my food blog…

A place where anyone (including ME) can relax, laugh and just read about:

  • Food (oh duh!)
  • Cooking (foods are meant to be cooked, right?)
  • Ingredients (I’m always learning, taste combinations, health benefits, blah blah…)
  • Healthy & Evil Eating (balanced diet is my thing, so I eat everything…good and bad.)
  • Techniques (I have had a few disasters so I suppose you can learn from them)
  • Food Industry (you’ll be amazed what you’ll find when you really dig deep…shocking!)
  • Restaurant Reviews (nope, I don’t do that…just go on yelp man!)
  • Kitchen Stuff (basically things that’ll save me time and money, enough said.)
  • Food Photography (my iphone is good enough for me. Are you here for food or photos again?)
  • Recipes (NOW we’re talking! I love experimenting with flavors, test and try out different recipe ideas. And if you don’t like it, then just leave. I might shed a few tears, but no hard feelings…simple!


So…Who Am I?

I would rather starve to death than eat ok food
Yup, that’s probably the best way to describe me.

So what more can I say?

What do you want to know?

Seriously, do you even care?

Okay, I’m not the type of person who enjoys fame and certainly don’t like to show my face in the public. Cooking is my passion, my number 1 passion that is, at this very moment in my life.

This is why I started this site, this food blog or whatever you like to call it. I wanted to have a space to relax, get things off my head, a place where I can truly enjoy, do and write about something that I wholeheartedly love;

That is to…

  1. LEARN everything about food and ingredients
  2. COOK delicious food using whatever tools and techniques necessary!
  3. TASTE good brilliant flavors, because I love My Tongue so much!


I suppose writing anonymously gives me this freedom. I don’t need to care about other people’s feelings, their eye sights, their spying, their jealousy (you know them people), their hatred, although I do appreciate a little love here and there.

I don’t need to portrait as the healthiest person on the planet, the mastermind in using ingredients, nor do I need to fix my hair, trim my eye browns or put on that gorgeous face just so that my photographer can take them perfect shots.

You know what I mean?



I prefer to be me, myself, an average person, a self taught home cook with a few years of learning, experimenting and cooking food that me, my family and friends all enjoy.

And have fun too while doing it.

Why not?

Life is too short to be BORING!


Don’t judge me on my writing!

As you probably know by now. I like to write as if I’m talking to someone (Yes, I’m talking to YOU!). That’s just my style and I don’t have time to go through all my spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. If I’m honest, I just can’t be bothered making everything so damn perfect.

I'm not perfect

Even though I do have the privilege of working from home and I do thank God (if there really is one) everyday for shining that lucky star upon my life. But if anything, I would much rather spend time learning more about food, perfecting my cooking, and just live a happy healthier life.

In saying that, English is not my native language although I have moved and lived in Australia since I was 9 years old. I was actually born in Hong Kong and if you have been there, then you should know how much we actually love food.

Yes, I’m talking about anything from street food, restaurant quality gourmets and also foods that anyone can easily cook at home (once you know how), both Asian and Western style, we just love it ALL!

More importantly, we are a fast paced culture so we like things that are quick, easy and value for money.

In other words, we like foods that are FAST to cook! (NOT fast food, although I do enjoy some every now and then).

I don’t know if anyone notices this, but Hong Kong Chinese People tends to walk faster than people from other countries. I don’t mean this in a bad way, but this is just how we are…just saying.

I guess we are busy people who likes to keep ourselves busy

for some strange reasons, weirdos!


I prefer to eat with my mouth than my camera!

Honestly, food photography is not really my thing, even though I am starting to enjoy it…bit by bit, day by day. I mean, I’d much rather enjoy the food while it is still hot, than to spend 30 mins or even hours taking some perfect shots.

The food is still hot, just eat it man!

Okay, I understand that everyone eats with their eyes first and that’s never going to change.

I know that and seeing a “Front Cover” plate in front of us does play a psychological role, sending signals into our brains, making us believe that the food actually tastes better.

I am the same and it is perfectly normal.

That’s why I do make an effort to ensure that my dishes look as good as possible.

In saying that…DON’T JUDGE MY PHOTOS!!!

What camera do I use?

My iphone, yes, that’s it and maybe some apps to do a little touch up (Everyone does it, don’t lie!!)

I do own a proper shitty camera (nothing special…just a Nikkon brand), but I only use it to take photos of my kids, my wife and whenever we go out on trips.

Even though I have tried it on foods (they do look better too). But transferring them into my laptop, editing etc, just occupies too much of my time and I’m NOT enjoying it.

So I’ll just stick to my iphone because it is so much easier, quicker and more convenient. I mean, all I need to do is take it out of my pocket….tap…tap…tap, done!

How much time do I use on photos?

Within 5 minutes and on rare occasions, 10 mins top!

Seriously, if I have to spend time cooking a dish, I want to make sure that I’ll actually get to enjoy it while it is still fresh and hot! That’s why I don’t bother with photos too much. If I took some great shots…fantastic! If not, I’ll still be alive.

There’s nothing worse than seeing my dish go cold because I’ve been spending too much time taking photographs. If that’s the case then honestly, I will become very very hangry!

Plus, I mainly post foods that we cook and eat ourselves, so I don’t want to serve cold or reheated foods to my family. Like come on man!

So I’m sorry if my photos are not up to your foodies standards. It’s just honest cooking, pure and simple. If you don’t like it, then there are lots of other food blogs out there with magazine quality photos.

Really…just go eat those artificial photos and I sincerely hope you enjoy it too.

Otherwise, if you want real food that tastes good, foods that we love and eat ourselves, then just stick around and you’re very welcome.


Am I a health freak?

Oh no, no way, NEVER!

I love food too much to give anything up, and that includes instant noodles and maccas too!

I Gave You Food

If there really is a God and that he placed us on Earth, provided us with food, our body and our organs (I’m talking about our tongue here), then shouldn’t we just use it and enjoy food like it’s meant to be?

Not sure about you, but I’m definitely using it, loving it and being grateful at the same time.

I do however have a general 70/30 rule when it comes to eating. A rather balanced diet which I designed myself and follow strictly.

This means if I allowed myself to eat 30% unhealthy, then the rest of the 70% MUST be healthy.

For example, if I eat 30% fatty meat, oily deep fried stuff etc, I’ll make sure that the rest of the 70% will be healthy fruits, nuts, veggies etc.

Or if I happened to go on a junk food binge for 3 days straight (never happened…I think 2 was my record), then I’ll make sure that the next 7 days, I’ll only put healthy foods into my body and let it do it’s things.

Get it?

I find this rule works reasonably well for me. I am looking after my body and I get to eat any typed of food that my tongue fancies. In fact, I found myself eating a lot healthier than before since I enforced this rule.

I no longer crave junk foods (evil but delicious right?), snacks or whatever. Because I know I can eat it whenever I want, wherever I want . It’s all about eating a balanced diet really.

I found this to be the best way to keep my body, mind and spirit happy.


What type of food do I cook?

Anything that I dare to put into my mouth really…

I can't eat worms and insects

It’s true.

That’s where I draw the line. I just can’t see myself eating worms and insects. They are outright disgusting, if not bizarre, and just thinking about it now makes me want to throw up….ewww!

Besides crawling creatures, I love all types of edible foods!

Seriously, I have no problem eating lamb brains, chicken feet, intestines, kidneys, lungs, snakes, rabbits….you name it! I’ve even had tiger penis too and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Serious, I had it as a soup when I went to China (Apparently, they say it is good for men…go figure!)

Now don’t worry, I don’t usually cook these types of stuff. I mean, where am I going to find a tiger, let alone their…you know. But I’m glad that I got to taste all these different varieties because at the end of the day, this is how I learn about different flavors….I suppose (and hey, I’m living my life!)

In saying that, those are NOT everyday foods and I know my wife and kids won’t like it (although I’m sure if I don’t tell them what they are, they’ll probably enjoy it).

Since taken over the kitchen (yup…I kicked my Mrs out ever since I started working from home), I’ve learnt to cook are large variety of cuisines. If I had to, I’ll probably break it down to the following:

  • Quick and simple meals
  • Dishes using easy to find ingredients
  • Budget foods that are kind to the wallet, but very delicious!
  • Junk food and snacks (Yup I do them too…occasionally, why not?)
  • Expensive gourmets (Got to treat your family nice every now and then, right? And it is still much cheaper than eating out at a restaurant, healthier too!)
  • Healthy meals (I am becoming more health conscious, I give you that)
  • Just any international cuisines really, as long as they taste good!

That’s right! When it comes to food, there shouldn’t be any barriers. Food is the primary source of life, it is the number one necessity for humans, so it is only natural that we want to taste and enjoy it in the best ways possible, and that’s been happening throughout thousands of years.

This is what I also find appealing because every country, every culture, every area, cities, tribes, families, whatever. Each group has their own unique ways of cooking delicious food for some profound magical reasons.

There is always something to learn from everyone.

Say Italian for example, I love Italian cuisines, their pastas, pizzas, you name it and what about Indian food? Omg those curries, spices and flavors are just absolutely brilliant! And then we have the Germans, the Japanese, French, Korean, Thai, Mexicans, the Creeks, the middle eastern foods….yum yum yum!

And did I forget to mention Chinese food?

Did I…?

What !


I grew up eating Chinese. That is my root, my heritage and I’ll never forget it…ever!

So yeah, I just love to learn foods from every culture. I don’t want to restrict myself to cooking one style. I get bored after a while (just being honest). Leaning the classic, authentic dishes and even just ordinary everyday home cooking from every country keeps me on my toes. Because there is always something new, interesting and outright phenomenal.

I guess this is also another reason why I decided to start this food blog. It is a way for me to document my cooking journey, my learning, my experiences, my explorations and then ultimately, a place where I can easily look back and find recipes that I have tested, tried it and would love to cook again.

Honestly, I’ve actually day dreamt about this….and that is one day, my grandchildren jumping up onto my lap and tell me they’re hungry. Then all I need to do is point them to my website, most likely from their ipads and then ask gently…which one?

Grandpa will go make it for you.

Now that, will honestly, make my life so SO complete!


Where do I get my recipes

Well, my dad is a chef (that kind of explains things, doesn’t it?) and has been for over 30 years.

But guess what?

Can you teach me how to cook?

Yes, for some strange reasons…he doesn’t want to teach me how to cook!

I was shocked at first to be honest, but then I kind of understood where he was coming from. You see, he didn’t want me to become a chef because he thinks it’s too much hard work.

I told him that I didn’t want to be a chef. I know how hectic it is to work in a kitchen environment, pushing out plates after plates at insanely fast pace. I mean, I couldn’t even handle my own kitchen sometimes, so there’s no way on earth that i’m going to work on someone else’s.

I explained that to him and he just gave me a dirty look.

I said, “I just wanted to cook.”

“It must be your genes and that’s not my fault, right?”

He laughed and then pointed to his secret file cabinet. Oh there’s nothing really confidential about it, just some old yellowish looking vintage recipes. Like clippings from newspapers, books and magazines that he’s been collecting throughout his cooking career.

“Just help yourself”, he said.

“That should be enough to satisfy your inner demons”.


Anyway, so that’s where I get most of my recipes from and I must admit that some of them are quite good, while a few seems lame, old fashion and boring.

But that’s basically how I started my home cooking journey.

So yeah, thanks Dad!


Final Words

Believe it or not, I just realized that I wrote over 2000 words on this “About My Food Blog” page. The funny thing is, I didn’t even feel it. It’s crazy, but I guess it just shows how passionate I really am about food.

This blog really does allow me to genuinely say what I want without thinking twice (don’t worry, I do try my best to keep this a child friendly place) and if you happened to finished reading it all, I know, very unlikely, but if that’s really the case, then wow, thank you!

I will continue to learn and cook the world’s finest foods, the best home cooking, the best cuisines, the best hidden indulgence, the best street foods and continue to look for the best ways to eat healthier without sacrificing the taste (I mean, I’m not getting any younger myself).

So I will continue to experiment and share my findings with the rest of world.

And I will make sure we all have fun at the same time!

Yes, I like to joke around sometimes, but if I do go overboard…please forgive me, ok?

So until next time…

You can call me Marky.

P.S We are born to enjoy food, it is in our blood, it is human nature and I don’t care which country or ethnic background you’re from. This is also why I called my blog what it is, because without my tongue, I wouldn’t even be here. I wouldn’t be able to taste, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy food and life will just be so bland…so I hope you love your tongue just as much as I love mine…

P.S.S I think my mind is going insane from all these typing. So please forgive me if things are everywhere or they don’t make sense. Okay whatever, I’m out…