1 Hour Braised Pork Belly – Perfect Sweet Soy Asian Recipe!

I’ve always been a true believer of balanced diet. Okay….perhaps it’s just my excuse for eating absolutely anything HAHA!!!

But who could resist a piece of perfectly braised, seasoned and succulent pork belly that dances in your mouth the moment you put it in?

Hmmm…put it in?

Somehow that sounded weird.

Anyway, in case you didn’t know.

Yes! Those perfect strips of bacon, delicious fat, the same animal oil (PIGS) used to make that famous Italian pasta dish, carbonara. They all come from this incredible piece of meat.

And what about those chinese roasted pork? The crunch with every bite of that crispy skin followed by layers of juicy fat and flavorful tender protein?

Well, you get the idea.

The truth is…everyone loves pork belly!

Ok, maybe not everyone.

Yes alright…I know muslims don’t eat pork and while it’s a shame. I certainly respect that and there are always other delicious meat dishes out there.

Only….nothing like what I’m about to show you.

(By the way, i don’t know what those writings mean, so if it is offensive in anyways. Please let me know.)

And if you are one of those health obsessed freaks (Well, I love healthy meals too!) or anorexic super models who wouldn’t dare to touch a drip of oil.

What the BEEP are you doing on this page?

Seriously…it’s not like we eat pork bellies everyday!

As for those of us who loves a bit of guilty pleasure every once in a while, then you’re in luck because I have one of the most amazing pork belly recipe for you.

And it doesn’t even take long to cook!

So let’s jump straight to the recipe and worry about the calories later.

(Just drink some tea, get off your butt and go for a run!)

So there you have it people, this is how to make sweet soy braised pork belly that is simple, quick and absolutely delicious. A truly wonderful restaurant style Asian recipe that anyone can cook at the comfort of their own home.

Don’t forget to serve it with rice (highly recommended) or even noodles. Yes, it is a gorgeous combination to go with the meat and sauce. So leave your potatos alone for today and really enjoy this authentic chinese dish.

Serve this with some green vegetables (e.g bok choy goes well) and just have some tea afterwards because it can get quite heavy.

Yes, this is definitely not an everyday dish, but like said, what the heck….just dig in while you’re at it and fully enjoy the wonderful flavors.

Your tastebuds will thank you for it…

P.S  Sharing is actually caring, so don’t be a greedy bastard.

P.S.S Always stay balance and active so you can taste even more amazing food!

Damn…I Love My Tongue!